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Mobile Isn’t A Place Or A Thing: It’s A Mindset!

iphone-160307_640Mobility isn’t about the latest app or device, it’s not even about the data. It’s about enabling people to get their jobs done when and where they need to, in the easiest possible way. 

Brian Katz has written a great article about mobility and what it means.  Click Here to read the rest of the article.

Traveler'sMindset_moutain_wales-600x397If traveling increases our life quality and I think it definitely does, then why limit joy and adventure to the times you’re actually on the road? Why not turn the mindset you have while exploring new territory into a 24/7 attitude and be inspired while working, making dinner or doing the grocery shopping?

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Changing The Mindset Of Stress!

stress-1-650x406Stress is an unavoidable symptom; problems will always be engrained in one’s daily life, yet learning how to conquer it instead of running away  will cause one to rise above and grow from the experience. 
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Changing a mindset to save lives!

539798ce64b84.preview-699In less than five seconds after hearing gunfire, almost 60 faculty and staff cleared the media room at Mason County Intermediate School, Tuesday, through only two exits, or into locked rooms, away from where the shots came from.

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